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                                                                 DON'T UNDERESTIMATE OTHERS 

Maya was rushing to work. She was twenty minutes late and decided that instead of taking a walk she would ride her bicycle. In the rush, she knew she could not wear her diamond ring that had been passed onto her by her late mother. It was a treasured family heirloom, which had passed through five generations. So she put the ring safely in her coat pocket.

Maya journeyed through a lonely path because that was the shortest and quickest route to work. On her way, she met some homeless people. They called out to her: “Please lady can we have some money for breakfast?” and Maya answered “Shut up, you low lives!” As she rode past them, unknown to her, the ring fell out of her pocket. One man saw it, picked it up and put it in his bag. When Maya got to work she checked her coat pocket – the ring was not there. After some few minutes of searching, she realised she had lost it on her journey to work, this made her unhappy for rest of the day. At work her colleagues, Lillian and Ben, had noticed her mood and they asked her what was wrong. Maya told them all that had happened. Ben advised her to take the same route going home as it would be dark and diamonds glow in the dark. She might just be lucky to find it.

Maya left work and journeyed through the same path. She got down from her bicycle and started searching for the ring. A homeless man walks up to her and says: “Lady, are you looking for something?” She answered “Mind your own business!” and she walks away. After searching for some time, Maya could not see the ring anywhere; however she decided to come back at night and try again.

Late into the night, Maya returns to the same spot and whilst searching, the same homeless man that she had seen earlier walks up to her again and says: “Lady, are you looking for something?” Maya became very irritated and shouted “You wretch, I can’t even stand you!” and she walked away.

The next morning Maya went to work feeling depressed. She told Ben that she couldn’t believe that her ring was gone. She told him that that it was worth twenty thousand dollars. Ben and Lillian promised to help Maya in her search. Later that evening, the three of them went in search of the diamond and the homeless man walks up to them. “Are you looking for something?” he says. “Oh yes”, Lillian answered. “My friend lost her diamond ring yesterday while riding through this path”. Before the man could say a word, 

Maya shouted “Lillian, why are you wasting your time with this smelly, dirty man?”, and the man answered “Yes, I saw the ring, it’s in my bag. I tried to tell her but she wouldn’t let me say a word. Please lady, take your ring” and he left.

The fact that God has placed you in the position where you are more privileged than some, does not mean that you are better than them. All fingers are not equal. Use your position to help those in need rather than to look down on or to ridicule them. Remember, it could be you.

Pearls written by Queen Ekuerhare

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