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Bible Study of the Month

                                                                Power OF Humility

Encouragement from God’s Word

1Samuel 2:7-8, Psalm 18:27, Psalm 25:9, Proverbs 3:34-35, Proverbs 11:1-2, 2Chronicles 7:14, Philippians 2:6-11, Ephesians 3:2, Matthew 18:1-5


“What kind of a creator will lay down is life for His creature” this is a question that every Christian should ponder on, the act of Jesus Christ (the Lord and King) coming to earth in form of a man to save the human race was truly an act of humility. The amazing thing about God is that He leads by example whatever He asks us to do, He has already done it. This study is written to help us understand the power of being and staying humble so that we can be the women God has destined us to be.

Attributes of Humility

  • Always praying for direction before you do anything
  • Not seeing yourself better than someone else
  • Always ready to accept and take responsibility of any wrong doing and not becoming defensive
  • Not underrating people in your mind
  • Willing to love everyone even if the person is considered not to be in your social status
  • Been cautious and sensitive towards people’s feelings
  • Making everyone feel wanted and loved
  • Been sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Ready to help and support others
  • Willing and readiness to serve in the house of God

What is False Humility?

  • Reducing yourself to the lowest point
  • Thinking and saying to yourself that you are humble
  • Given up your rights for no just reasons
  • Trying to put up a face so that everyone can think you are humble
  • Speaking to people respectfully but despising them in your heart
  • Wanting to be noticed
  • Doing good deeds mainly for recognition
  • Rejecting people’s compliments and validations
  • over goodness
  • Serving but grumpy in your mind


                         What  are the benefits of humility?

  • God requires of every Christian to be humble
  • Prideful people are the enemies of God, humble people are God’s friends
  • That is the only way God can lift you up
  • It makes us a good ambassador of Christ
  • That is the only way we can be the greatest in God’s kingdom
  • It helps us to fix our eyes on God not ourselves
  • It helps us to discourage people from idolising us or idolising others
  • It empowers us trust in God even in hard times
  • It makes us to be total submissive to God


 How can we live a life of humility?


  • Live a constant life of prayer
  • Always check and renew your mind
  • Always give God the credit for everything He has done through you
  • Read the word of God
  • Resist any form of idolisation
  • Make conscious decision and effort to be humble
  • Be simple but wise
  • Before you do anything check you motives and intentions
  • Always work towards excellence


We hope that by the end of this study we will be liberated - free to be the women God wants us to be. It is about discovering the Queen in us and celebrating ourselves.

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